Understated style V

claireemmanuellepic: jak & jil

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  1. Ammu said:

    Love the consistency of emmanuelle alt’s look.
    Meant to tell you that I recently splurged on a Lotuff zipper satchel in hunter green – was looking for a work bag with a touch of formality and recalled your post on it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! It’s beautifully-made.

    • Lucky you! How do you like it? Is it more of a dark green/almost black, or a brighter green?

      I’ve been “online stalking” the zipper satchels for over a year – they look amazing. I just recently got a Lotuff small tote with shoulder strap, which has proven to be a great work bag. I’d love to get a zipper satchel next.

      • Ammu said:

        It’s a gorgeous bag – I wanted something I could wear with a sari to work and nothing I owned fit the bill. I contemplated a mansur gavriel tote but didn’t care for the open top and the only other bag I liked was the prada tote, which was more expensive and I wasn’t sure about the quality control.
        The lotuff bag is impeccably well-made – and I love the colour, which is a very dark green, looks almost navy in a certain light. It is heavier than my other bags but that is to be expected, given the leather lining. I bought it from roztayger, which offered me a ten percent discount.
        The totes look beautiful as well, as does the travel duffel.

      • Sounds glorious, and glad that you like it! It’s on my list of bags to “stalk” online until I save up enough….

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