This is my dream house. I have a fantasy of downsizing so completely that something like this would work. What with my music gear and teaching materials (textbooks and paper files), I wonder if it’s possible. Oh yeah, and the drummer husband, four drum sets, marimba, and two dogs. But one can dream, right?

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  1. this is absolutely amazing!

  2. liz n. said:

    Cool apartment. I really like this New York one that they also featured awhile ago:

    • This is sooooo cool! Thanks for sharing!

    • Grace said:

      Ah! I was looking for that video and you beat me to it, Liz! I love that NY apartment too; the design is much smarter. For more studio space porn, has dedicated a whole category to it in their home tour section. All the homes featured are between 250-550 sq. ft.:

      Really lovely and creative proof that we can make do with a little less space.

      Love the blog!

      • Thanks Grace! Thanks also for the lead on Apartment Therapy….I’ve run across photos borrowed from it from time to time, but haven’t truly mined it obsessively like, say, the Domino Magazine flikr groups out there!

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