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6 Items or Less (video)

What do you think–could you do it?

Wear only six clothing items for a month (not counting shoes, accessories, etc.)?

I thought that it was interesting that the woman they interviewed said, “I’m glad this month will be over soon–my clothes are starting to wear out. They’re not made to be worn like this.”

I’m in love with my new Swash scarf. I questioned the intelligence of spending over $200 on…….a scarf. I hemmed and hawed. I finally ponied up for it from Net-a-Porter with some Christmas money, and wondered what was going on in my head. Read More

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Following from yesterday’s post about a functional, minimalist wardrobe, we have another article about another person’s capsule wardrobe, this time stylist Aleksandra Woroniecka’s closet.

  • 6 navy jackets
  • 10 pairs of lean dark jeans
  • 4 bags (Birkin, Chanel, and Balenciaga)
  • multiple ballet flats
  • 2 pendants and a ring
  • multiple striped matelot sweaters and t-shirts
  • a Courreges shift dress

Well, the list had me at the word “Birkin,” so I’d love it if my wardrobe looked like this someday.

What about you? What is your capsule wardrobe? What’s the minimum list of clothes that you need to feel well-dressed?

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Quoted from Garance Dore’s blog post: Reader’s Mailbox–Functional and Fabulous

From Kaysi : Garance!!! Do you have any advice for creating a minimalist, functional, and fabulous wardrobe?

Mmmm… Kaysi, even if I dream of having a minimalist, functional, and fabulous wardrobe, most mornings I find myself buried under a mountain of clothes – outfits literally falling on top of me – I can never find anything and everything’s lost. Read More


I’m totally enamored with Daniel Lanois’ newest project, Black Dub. Seeing them live last year at the Aladdin Theater was quite the treat. Brian Blade is an amazing drummer, and I can’t say enough about Trixie Whitley or Daniel Lanois’ singing.


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