Frye roundup

I’m thinking ahead to next fall and what pair of ankle-length flat boots I would like to buy as a replacement for other shoes that are wearing out. I went to the Frye website and had a look around and here are some that looked interesting. It’s always such a gamble buying shoes online, although Frye has pretty predictable sizing, and ordering through Zappos allows you to return things at no cost. I find that the trouble I really run into is that I wear new shoes/boots a few times (and thus cannot return them), and only then find out that massive blisters ensue, sometimes on the most surprising parts of my feet (ever had blisters on the bottom of your feet? Yup. Happens to me all the time). I also have pretty stringent requirements for my shoes–I would like to preferably be able to walk several miles in them when needed. It seems like few things other than running shoes are designed for doing this comfortably. I’ve tried moleskin, inserts, heel padding, but nothing truly seems to make a pair of shoes go from unwearable to wearable. I haven’t found the magic product yet that can do this, although pre-treating blister-prone areas with moleskin bandages seems to be the closest thing to magic I’ve found so far. 

all pics: frye boots

But lest you decide that this post is all about me griping about my feet (okay, so most of it is), I will also say that it’s the Portland Jazz Festival, and I’ve been a busy little bass player. I played the Mark Rothko show opening on Sunday at the Portland Art Museum, then went to a recording session yesterday (I wrote the lyrics for several songs on the project), then afterwards stopped by Jimmy’s to hear Charles McPherson, one of the last living alto sax players in the original bebop idiom. Tonight I’ve got another gig, as well as on Friday and Saturday, in addition to my day job.

Also, totally unexpectedly, I ran across some condos being foreclosed in a nice neighborhood. Billed as “micro homes,” and newly built, they are designed to be eco-conscious and with a small footprint. The combined mortgage payment and HOA fees would also be 1/2 of what we currently pay in rent each month. The downside is that they are verrry small. So I would have to down-size and be a minimalist in a really extreme way. I’m not sure that both of us are up to it–but the trade-off in reduced rent is really something to think about. At any rate, we are having them shown on Friday, and perhaps will know more after that.

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  1. lin said:

    I love the first pair – the colour, the shape. I hope you have better luck with your purchase – shoes are just one of those things I haven’t mastered; they fit like a dream in the store and then sometimes they stretch out, sometimes they don’t, sometimes they give your blisters after 3 months of peace. I never know whether the shoes are a keeper until at least six months on.

    • I feel your pain! It’s hard to buy things that you have to wait to determine whether or not they’re a complete waste of money. I guess at least some shoes are, ahem, “painfully” obvious from the get-go that they’re not going to work, but it’s those sneaky shoes that wait to unleash their true nature that are so disappointing!

    • Max said:

      I think I’d have to go with the classic black Frye Engineer boots (Style #:FRYEB20049). I’m npiing after my first ever pair of Frye’s (they’re not readily available over in the UK!) and these would be a stylish start to my collection :)I would wear them with a simple outfit:> My trusty indigo blue, spray-on skinny jeans,> A sheer, feminine silk blouse,> A long, pendant necklace,> Loose tousled hair, and> My favourite tan trench coat!My birthday was just this past weekend and some Frye boots would be the perfect gift to myself! *Fingers crossed*xoxo

  2. Amanda said:

    I have problems ALL the time with shoes. They always seem to pick a silly time to tell me they don’t fit, which similar to you, is usually after the third time I wear them thus negating the return policy. Anyhoo… I love the first one! The look like a good pair of Chelsea boots except that I wish it didn’t have the buckle strap thing. Are your shoes to big for you such that your feet is sliding around, causing blisters? Or they may be too wide for you.

    • Yes, your diagnosis is correct! One pair of Frye moto boots is definitely too big, resulting in blisters on the bottom of the foot. However, inserts seem to then make them too small and rub in other areas–perhaps I need to find a way to split the difference–thinner inserts. Right now, they occupy the portion of my closet that my heels do–worn only when you don’t need to walk very far.

      Another issue are the boots with a 2″ heel–while they fit fine, it seems that long distances still cause blisters on the bottom of the ball of the foot. I’m thinking that heel height has more to do with this than size issues. I’ve learned the hard way that flats or 1″ heels are the best bet for “going the distance,” so to speak.

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