I teach at the high school where Mark Rothko, the abstract expressionist painter, went to school. While I was well aware of Rothko, it was only a few days ago that I became aware of his early whereabouts. Another alumnus of this high school was Elliot Smith. Wonder what’s in the water out here?

Several days later, I got a call to play music at the reception for the Rothko exhibit opening next week at the art museum. So tonight I’ll be playing music for Rothko’s son, who is organizing the event here.

And then Monday I am going to go hear a recording session with some musicians from NYC and Paris. I wrote lyrics for three of the songs on the session, so it will be fun to hear them sung for the first time by a real singer (instead of my warbly voice and terrible piano comping–I don’t really play the piano OR sing). Hopefully at a not-too-later date I’ll get a mastered recording that I can post on here (these things usually take longer than not).

  1. elf said:

    Ohhhh, lucky you, Rothko is one of my fav artists of all times! very jelaous:)

    • I had a nice chat with his son, Chris. We played at the party for all of the family members–it was fun!

  2. elf said:

    even more jelaous;)

  3. Congratulations! What an amazing opportunity.

    I’m a big fan of the Rothkos at MOMA.

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